Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Announcing various new brands and categories on is pleased to announce the addition of brand new categories of products besides Kitchen items such as Beauty, Ready to Eat, Seeds, Dry Fruits and products for various other health conditions such as Diabetes, Weight Loss, Heart Health, Health Supplements, General Wellness / Immunity  and a lot more. Do take a look at the refreshed e-store with a plethora of new brands and products that have recently been added. 

Also hurry to avail the latest offer of 10% of on Vedantika Herbals Food & Beauty products! 

Vedantika Herbals is a certified herbals cosmetics and foods manufacturer. Their products are 100% natural and do not contain preservatives, colors or fragrances. Vedantika Herbals Food products include Instant Energy Drinks, Healthy Candies, Milk Shakes and Instant Soups. Our Beauty category includes their products including herbal shampoos, face wash, face packs etc. For a limited time only there is a 10% introductory promotion on all Vedantika's products. 

Visit our website and click on home page banner to see Vedantika's great products especially for you. We hope you enjoy them!

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